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Small Business Accounting Basics

For small businesses, bookkeeping is important to track financial metrics. Bookkeeping records financial transactions and generates financial statements, which are reports that summarize all the data. For example, you may have to pay taxes on the profits that you earn, so it is essential that you have accurate accounting records. Bookkeeping software is an excellent option for small businesses, as it can help make the process easier and more efficient. QuickBooks is one such option that offers many advantages over manual recording.

Before you can record financial transactions, you must have a chart of accounts. Your chart of accounts contains the names of all the accounts in your general ledger. These accounts include the cash that is in your bank account, your accounts receivable balance, and inventory. You should also have a section in your cash flow statement that shows upcoming payments and receipts.

One of the most common questions asked about accounting is whether small businesses need an accountant or not. In many cases, small businesses do not need an accountant, but they still need to record their income and expenses. With the right accounting software, these tasks can be done easily and effectively. There are many software packages available today.

Accounts payable and accounts receivable are two of the most important parts of the accounting system. Without a steady flow of cash, a company can’t function. Accounts payable should be at least 10 to 15% of total revenue. If it is higher than that, contact customers and send reminders. This will increase the likelihood that they pay. And, by maintaining detailed records, you can spot any customers who are slow to pay.

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